Why the VAC SYSTEM is the key tool for winning elections

Ver también El ÍNDICE VAC volvió a acertar en las elecciones españolas del 26 de Junio de 2016

After more than two decades of applying the VAC SYSTEM to the strategy of its political clients not only on european campaigns but also at the national, regional and local level, the results have unequivocally shown that it is a decisive winning tool for use by a candidate and the party. Starting from the design of the strategic message of leadership following all the way through the impact of the final message and its results.

The consultant´s office Multimedia Capital, which owns the VAC SYSTEM, didn’t hesitate to provide this service to a Spanish economic media group (Grupo Negocios) in May 2003 the application of the system for the daily measurements during the three weeks of the local campaigns that swept throughout Spain, which gave them the capacity to publish daily results of the measurements in the newspaper owned by the media group.

Portada del diario La Gaceta de los Negocios del 27 de Mayo de 2003, resaltando que el ÍNDICE VAC acertó en su predicción electoral y fracasaron por completo los sondeos de opinión

All the election polls predicted from the beginning and throughout the campaign an «electoral upset», but daily measurements of VAC INDEX said otherwise and got it right. «In 25-M elections is not expected to have any electoral upset«, titled La Gaceta de los Negocios the results of  VAC INDEX measurement (05.10.2003, p. 8). See case

After the election results this newspaper published on its front page the evidence of what happened: «The VAC INDEX got it right, no electoral upset happened» (“El ÍNDICE VAC acertó, no hubo vuelco electoral”).

Since 1995, political leaders, people in government, all type of public and private organisations, national or multinational companies, have utilise the VAC SYSTEM in order to enhance its strategy, leadership, as well as its corporate, academic, and social policies.

The figures shows results that are self explanatory: 2000 daily reports provided to political leaders governing at the national or european level; projects of international reference like Aldea Digital, implemented in 2.500 rural schools by the Spanish Ministry of Culture (1997-1998), and the big companies in IBEX 35 which still utilises the VAC SYSTEM.

As to why it works so well is because of the scientific and technological system in it of itself which has revolutionised the world of intangible information, it was publicly presented by its creator, Antxón Sarasqueta at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid (1998), and whom has published several works: VAC, el Valor Añadido de Comunicación (1998), Kubernésis la máquina del conocimiento (2003), and his latest book Somos Información. La nueva ciencia de lo intangible (2012) – see books on Antxón Sarasqueta. All of whom, as well as other works by the author, researcher, and innovator,are for all to see in catalogues and books in the most distinguished libraries and universities all around the world. See references

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