How I invented the model of information that change the world future

  • Three decades ago Antxón Sarasqueta has been published and hired by multinational companies, governments, political parties, and also very important companies and institutions that helped to reach his model information around the world.
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By Antxón Sarasqueta

Antxón Sarasqueta in his studio in a interview

The synthesis of the story is how to use the information in a era dominated by the desinformation.

In my thirty years of research and studying about this subject nature of information lead me to the essential principle of the past century to really study and know the same information is like an opera, a intangible by nature. What is that makes it all come together? It is all said detail by detail in an a book that in later years I published ‘Somos información. La nueva ciencia de lo intangible‘ (Universidad de Navarra, Edit. EUNSA, 2012).

We had to develop a new mathematical system to measure and analyze the information.

I saw that the intangible system of information was the creator by its own nature very important two words, «added value» that is constantly working because of the system already of communications being there (obviously subject to change) and I immediately realized I could measure and analyze the data which would benefit us all to have an indication, the value it can generate or also destroy and the impacts on the day to day life. You can find the examples on the link for the book written above.

What I have created is for the information to not destroy us but to add value to everything in life, from multinational companies, to political parties and really to our day to day life, which will extrapolate to any kind of job you are interested in as an individual.

I decided to create a mathematical system that could measure the added value it could provide us all as a reference and be it able to apply it to governments, companies and again to our day to day life.

I created an algorithm that can obtain the index of the added value of communication which will add value from the science to multinational companies, science, politics, and the society. On everything in life.

That is how the  ÍNDICE VAC ®, which was the first company to implement this system and the multinational company Iberdrola who was the first one to implement this system from my consultancy firm, Multimedia Capital, which is the company I founded in 1992.

The first software program designed by Antxón Sarasqueta in 1999

Computer engineers that worked in the project asked me if I was crazy, because they think it was imposible to developed.

I would always remember the face to face conversations with the informatics engineers which worked for the company Apple and me having to explain to them how the model l created worked to measure the intangible,

«You are crazy!», one of the engineers told me one day, after days and days of working together. At the end of the day we created their first software program to measure and mathematically analyze the creation of the added value that created the intangible information. Registered in  the notary all the  the information codes with the name,  Media Value System Vac Index.

This now seems like recent history, but the history that I was gratefully to create, and being a pioneer in the world to measure and analyze information in its intangible dimension that has been used in all in all type of markets is not really new, I did create it in 1993 when nobody believed in it.

The multinational company Iberdrola was the first one to implement my new model since 1996

This is the same company that presented my new innovation in the summer curses by the prestigious Universidad Complutense in San Lorenzo de El Escorial (Madrid, Spain) in the year 1998 to an audience of engineers and directives of different other companies. The company was working with my model from 1996.

The company Iberdrola saw the value my system could provide them. In that same international academic scenario of this event was the chairman of Iberdrola, Iñigo Oriol, and also Marcelino Oreja, Commissioner of the European Union .

As time went by, the new president of the company Iberdrola named Ignacio Sánchez Galán, would still utilize my model of information to measure the added value it provided for the company and how it generated a good communication system for them.

Antxón Sarasqueta has invented the future of information

But it was the prestigious member of the Spanish Academy, Julio Iglesias Ussel, who wrote about the work and the last book of Antxón Sarasqueta: “The work of Antxón Sarasqueta remember me the classic recommendation that the best way to predict the future is to invent it. And it is the case”. View his article

The Antxón Sarasqueta’s book published in 1998 where he explain the theory, applications and results of his VAC MODEL of information

Not only Iberdrola but other smaller companies that wanted to promote my book ‘VAC, el Valor Añadido de Comunicación‘, which was published and where I can take you step by step how all this process works. By then the Spanish Ministry of Education that with Microsoft and the Spanish company Telefonica had all worked together to implement my model for over 2.500 schools in the rural areas.

Model that has been implemented by others companies, e institutions from the aerospace industry, telecommunications, banks, governments, universities, the media industry, and others sectors.

The new society of information and the cyberspace was born from the technological revolution, but it was crucial for me to analyze how the information is a intangible system which all the other systems depend on and that move our day to day life -in all senses. View ‘The discovery of information as system of systems«.

To be able to have the knowledge as to how the process of information will work in whatever scale it is, be it day to day things, like going to the supermarket and choose this or that, to big companies to governments, it applies to everything in life, and you will apply it better if you have a system that has been worked for three decades and proven that it worked, it would benefit all of us.

It is the model of information that I have invented.

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